About Us

We are modern day tea traders. We search for the finest teas, flowers and herbs, bring them to Pakistan and meticulously cup out each ingredient, carefully selecting each element of the blend.

Tea for us represents memory, medicine, emotion and energy in a cup. Therefore, to ensure the best product we have partnered with professional tea tasters in Germany to create unique blends that are made using the highest quality ingredients, organically grown and sourced from suppliers certified by the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Crafting teas that are 100% organic mean that we impose stringent standards and adhere to international regulations. Purity and the integrity of ingredients lie at the heart of our ethereal infusions.

We wish simply to recapture the art of tea drinking and help others unlock the everyday magic of this little luxury. Our aim is to create the ultimate tea experience and to be a gateway to the world of tea, creating memorable blends for everyone to enjoy and explore.

Unlike commercial teas, we work hard to ensure that no synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides, growth hormones, growth regulators or herbicides are introduced into the lives of our ingredients. All botanicals found in our teas have all been grown precisely, and lovingly to these standards. These herbs, fruits, roots and flowers are cultivated with the utmost respect for the earth and for humankind.

Our Pyramid Tea Totes are made with the same attention to detail and purity – free of all artificial dyes, bleaching chemicals or metal elements. And, while it’s industry practice to use fannings (small pieces of tea that are left over after higher grades of teas are gathered to be sold), we insist on the same high quality loose tea and ingredients in each tote.

We invite you to explore away experience a new way to enjoy tea with us, join us on our journey to Tea Differently with Teazuro!

“We started as a tiny ethnic tea store, and we remain committed to the same approach”